Michelle - The Baltimore Spanking Escort

Michelle was the premium Baltimore spanking escort. But she was starting to feel just a little uneasy at the large barrenness of the lands when over to the left of her, a number of tents gradually came into view. She'd missed them at first since they have been a whitish yellowish color and then seemed to nearly blend into the planet itself. Counting them, she recognized that there was not likely to be many people within the small tent settlement to allow for a story teller, therefore she continued on the way of her, buoyed by the proof of several civilization plus today dreaming of looking for her way to the Southern Citadel in which the stories of her would undoubtedly be recited in all of the greatest playhouses, and also look over in all of the most favored scrolls. She will drink tea with the elaborate ladies as well as produce pithy discussion with the gentlemen whilst dressed in just the newest of fashions. The truth of the grubby white robes she wore at the present in no way impinged upon the fantasies of her. In reality, she fancied the humble beginnings of her would make rather the story to make sure at the sophisticated parties she'd no doubt be joining in only a several months.


Caught up in feelings that are such, she never ever heard the swish of approaching footsteps, and let out a scream of shock and fear as a hand grabbed the wrist of her and swung her around, keeping her using a hold as steel.


Her captor was a tall older male, searching down at her with deep narrow eyes, displeasure etched in each and every type of the experience of his. The dark hair of his was drawn back into much plait, tinged with 2 straight silver streaks. His face remained vibrant, although crinkles of smiles long since smiled played about his lips and eyes. He wasn't smiling right now.

"Who are you?" he demanded, his speech laden with authority.

At the words of his and the tone of his, Michelle smirked. She was not subject to the authority. She was her very own female. She'd braved the chances of escape and won. Though she'd yet to speak a word, his expression darkened a lot further. He wasn't pleased. He waited, enabling the moments tick by, definitely wanting a response. Michelle was somewhat disinclined to offer him one.

"Who are you, and exactly what you doing here?" he asked once again.