Extreme Caning, Erotic Humiliation and Severe BDSM Videos is a journey into the hardest part of the extreme BDSM world. The focus here is on the most painfull parts of SM and theres no shortcuts to it, it is purely pleasure and pain often taken to the limit.

The content is extreme in its nature. You will find a variety of slavegirls in sessions featuring punishments such as needle torture, electro pain, play piercings, very severe whippings and alot of other BDSM activities belonging to the hard end of the scene. The action is so real you can almost feel the pain by just looking, for instance the series of the cute exotic/latino slavegirl waiting, looking at the needle, looking down on her nipple, seeing it penetrade right through the nipple, screaming from pain - and then looking at the next needle. Its very hard and extreme pain displayed with no mercy, nothing seems posed or faked. So, be warned - if you´re not into hard and Extreme BDSM, this place will probably not be for you.

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The content of thepainfiles is a strong blend of extreme BDSM pictures and videos. You can more or less name any type of hard punishment for female slaves, and it will be featured. The needles and electro tortures seems to be the favoured types of torments, but there´s loads of whips, canes, hot wax, bastinado, bellybottom torture, breath play, weights and clamps as well. As such it compares in hardness to places like Insex and Torturegalaxy in the very extreme SM category. The quality of the picture galleries are generally very high, the resolution is high and the shots of the slavegirls suffering are sharp and cruel. New galleries seem to be added every 3 or 4 days, and the archives allready contains several thousand pictures in session/themed galleries.

The videos of thepainfiles are quite exciting as well, specially the new full length videos of needle torments and similar was exciting, but there´s also some really good stuff among the older stuff. Whereass the picture archives are enormous, the amount of videos is a bit more limited, but it seems to be expanded heavily with 2-3 video updates each week in the latest month.

hard pain needle torture rough sex lives up to its name by any standard. Many sites outthere promise "hard BDSM" and delivers posed bondage and a simple breast clamp here and there. This certainly isnt the case here. The girls at thepainfiles must be true painsluts as they are taken through some of the most cruel and hard punishments to be found. The site is ideal for the lover of extreme BDSM, whereas it´ll most likely be too hard for many lovers of standard bondage and other lighter niches.

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