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Russian Slaves 30


Russian Slaves has made themselves a niche of very uncompromising hard punishment videos.

In Russian Slaves 30 there´s actually 2 videos in 1. The first one is about 2 russian girls, who´s trying to steal potatoes out of poverty. Of course they´re caught and as punishment theyre forced to receive a very severe caning on their bare bottoms.

The girls look fairly good, a brunnette and a blonde. The brunette goes first, and finds herself tied with the bottom up on a small table. A very strict looking female administers a long series of strokes to her bottom with a cane. The intensity of each stroke is very severe, some are delivered individually and others come in groups of 3 or 4 strokes - all adding to the intense atmosphere. According to the punisher the girl receives 52 strokes by the cane, and then some extra 8 for calling her a bitch. I doubt it was quite that many in reality, as some seem to be featured twice from different angles. Nonetheless, there´s alot of strokes given at full force, and the poor girl is crying and begging throughout much of her punishment,

The second girl has an even harder time accepting the pain imposed on her. She´s tied up on the table as well, and starts crying almost immediately when the punishment begins. All in all her number of strokes are counted to 48, and theyre given with the same merciless hardness, that the first girl had to endure.

The second part of the video is very much different from the first one. It features a series of girls interviewed for a spanking position. Theyre shown one by one, first in interview, then stripping, and finally given a spanking. However, it´s mostly light hand spanking that´s given out in this part of video, combined with a bit of not too severe strapping for one of the girls.

The technical aspect of this video is acceptable, but not much more than that. The isnt perfect when it comes to steadiness and sharpness, and the cuts seem akward from time to time. There is a mix of facial expression footage and focus on the bottom, but there´s still some road to perfection in terms of getting those on the spot moments of pain done in an optimal way.

The first part of the video is extremely severe and lacks any elements of romance, which will appeal to severe punishment fans. In this area it might be as hard as for instance an Lupus Picture production, but it doesnt reach as high in terms of getting perfect footage of it, nor does it have a plot that does even compare. The plot in this one seems like a bad excuse for the action, rather than building an atmosphere around it.

This video comes highly recommended, if your main thing is severity, but it lacks other elements in the technical area and the plot.

Russian Slaves 30
  Producer: Nettles Production
Preview Pictures

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