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The Caning of Madison Young
2.8 | Clicks: 1,005 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Caning of Madison Youngs spanked and red striped bare bottom with the redhead submissive screaming
Bizarre Spanking
1.0 | Clicks: 529 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
The spanking and shame for Miss Chaos becomes unbearable in the end for the cute blonde slavegirl and she starts to cry uncontrollably from the pain and humiliation.
Breast Whipping Punishments
2.3 | Clicks: 601 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Screaming slavegirls in extreme bondage and severe breast whipping punishments. Extreme breast whipping and spanking of the slavegirls clamped tits in the dungeon. Gina and Michikos nipples clamped and receiving cruel breast whipping punishments. Full Length Video Available in High Resolution - From the Movies "Beaten and Burnt" and "Extreme Slavery"
Strict Caning
1.0 | Clicks: 656 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Spanking and caning are one of the oldest forms of corporal punishment. Watch the girls getting their bottoms spanked, whipped and caned painfully till theyre bright red.
Spanked and Whipped
1.0 | Clicks: 310 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Slavegirls in traditional correctional corporal punishments and spanking session
Spanking Slaves
1.0 | Clicks: 306 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Two tied up slavegirls in strict spanking and extreme caning punishments. Slavegirl Nimue is securely tied to the rack in the barn. Her ass is given a thorough painful workover with the cane and whips. Japanese Michiko is bound in the dark room and punished by canes and whips. Exclusive highres full length videos of slavegirl Michiko and Nimue available
Spanking Studio
1.5 | Clicks: 326 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
2 Cute Girls Thoroughly Spanked
Strict Lesbian Caning
1.0 | Clicks: 191 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Spanking Party of Roommates in severe mutual caning
Breast and Pussy Whipped
1.0 | Clicks: 280 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Slavegirls Emily Sharpe and Donna Denniere. Screaming british fetishmodels in bondage and extreme breast whipping punishments. Blonde fetishmodel Donna Denniere in strict breast whipping and pussy spanking punishments. Painful breast spanking and pussy whipping for submissive bdsm slave Donna from England. The cute blonde screams in agony as the riding crop viciously punishes her tits and pussy. The riding crop repeatedly strikes blonde Donna directly on her tits and nipples causing her to moan and scream in pain. Brunette british slavegirl in bondage and extreme whipping punishment. The cute slavegirl Emily Sharpe is tied up spreadeagle in the dungeon and whipped between her legs and on her big tits. Screaming english female slave Emily in bondage pussy whipping and extreme spanking in the dungeon
The Caning Club
1.0 | Clicks: 297 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Welcome to The Caning Club. 2 new naughty girls are awarded their first ever punishment canings by their lesbian mistress. See the girls struggle through the sensual painfull experience from spanking and caning on the bare bottom.

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Lesbian Spanker
1.0 | Clicks: 182 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Mistress Nastash spanks, straps and canes her blonde submissive. The disciplinary punishment of the kinky blonde slavegirl leaves her bottom red and sore. Natasha is dressed in fetishwear and the dark mistress leaves no doubt about who is in charge as she lets her slavegirls ass. Mistress Nastash takes her brunette female slave to the dungeon for a thorough erotic spanking on her bare bottom. The brunettes bottom is spanked by hand, with a ruler and a short cane. The lesbian mistress lets the painful implements swirp against the slavegirls bottom repeatedly. Every stroke helps drawing red stripes all over the slavegirls increasingly sore bottom. Truly erotic lesbian spanking by Natasha. Mistress Natasha spanking her masochistic slavegirl. Painful lesbian spanking with the strap and the cane. The fetish mistress leaves her submissive with red bottoms and severely sore after a thorough disiciplinary spanking with the strap and cane.
Female Spanking
1.0 | Clicks: 236 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Extreme corporal punishment caning and strict over the knee spanking of two lesbian slaves. Miss Chaos and Domina Dorothea dominates and punishes their lesbian slave girls viciously with hand spankings, hairbrush punishments and cruel canings on their bare bottoms. The two willing slavegirls submit obediently to their torments as the mistresses carry out their strict corporal punishments. The moans of pain and increasingly red bottoms indicate the seriousness of the extreme caning and over the knee spanking endured by the two slavegirls. The red stripes and sore bottoms will be a longlasting reminder for both cute girls
Strict Spanking
1.0 | Clicks: 161 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Dark english slavegirls Pixie and Nimue in spanking and caning in bondage. Their red bottoms are given a thorough painful workover with the cane and whips. From the exclusive highres full length videos: "Pain, Pleasure and Obedience" & "Bullied Slavegirl"
Spanking The Blonde
1.0 | Clicks: 117 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Blonde pornstar Crystel Leis spanking. She is severely disciplined and caned
Submissive Spanking
1.0 | Clicks: 117 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Spanking discipline of two disobedient slavegirls
Cruel Amateur Caning
1.0 | Clicks: 248 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Darkhaired amateur slavegirl Emmas cruel bare bottom caning and breast spanking punishments. The british submissive is spanked on her striped red bottom and tender tits with a cane. Cruel tit spanking and breast caning punishment to tears of darkhaired bdsm slavegirl Emma. The handcuffed screams as the cane painfully draws red stripes across her chest and tears roll on her pretty face. The english amateur painslave is taken to the dungeon by her master for a severe corporal punishment and bdsm session. Emma loves the challenge, the pleasure and the pain. Her master focuses 100% on her delicious body as he lets the cane work its way round her tits and bare bottom. Full Length Spanking and BDSM Videos Available. Featuring Slavegirl Emma.
Disciplinary Spanking
1.0 | Clicks: 194 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Emily Sharpes Spanking
Caning and Tears
1.0 | Clicks: 143 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Two slavegirls extreme caning and tears of painful spanking and electric pussy torments with Nimue
Masturbation and Spanking
1.0 | Clicks: 117 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
How she loves to masturbate and gets her lovely ass spanked
Handcuffed and Brutal Whipped
1.0 | Clicks: 140 | Comments: 0 | Added: 12-11-2010 | details
Hot new fetish model is handcuffed and whipped brutally on her ass and back!
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